A Conversation with Roger Kaiser….


Dale Golden Ace, Georgia Tech’s first All-American and all the stories that come with it! Coach Kaiser shares memories of his life in basketball. We are trying to get Bob Reinhart and Roger together for an interview…We will! This was a conversation started with a phone call and stories rolled out from hello! Enjoy!

Part III of Dr. John Olsen, Loogootee, Indiana and basketball


After technical difficulties and banging my head on my studio wall…Here’s Part III of our interview with John Olsen and his life story of Loogootee, Indiana and basketball! What an amazing individual and his story is even more amazing. Enjoy! You can hear Parts I and II on keepingthenostalgiaalive.podbean.com

Kokomo Wildkat and Drake Bulldog Erwin Cox shares his story!


Erwin Cox is our guest and he shares his story about a life in athletics, from Kokomo Wildkat thru his career as a Drake Bulldog! The Cox family was 9 siblings deep and the athletic talent was amazing! Erwin does an amazing job sharing his story from little league baseball, dishing the ball to Bob Netolicky at Drake and his stories of high school sports in Kokomo! It was neat to hear first hand accounts and also what legendary coach Joe Platt meant and how he coached!


Myra Fleener: [about Jimmy Chitwood] You know, a basketball hero around here is treated like a god, er, uh, how can he ever find out what he can really do? I don’t want this to be the high point of his life. I’ve seen them, the real sad ones. They sit around the rest of their lives talking about the glory days when they were seventeen years old.
Coach Norman Dale: You know, most people would kill… to be treated like a god, just for a few moments. This is Erwin Cox’s moments….

Loogootee Lion, Indiana Hoosier John Olsen Part II


Once again John continues his story, this time he comes back for his Senior year after being the manager the previous one, and this time he’s a player! He also shares some Coach Knight stories, how he met his wife and more! Sit back, relax, share and enjoy! If you have input or a guest you’d like us to have on the show email us @hoosierhysteria@yahoo.com. We also do our shows from a passion in our heart for the game, if you’d like to donate…then   please become a patron @keepingthenostalgiaalive.podbean.com

A Conversation with Paris Tiger and ISU Sycamore Ron Cheatham


If you can’t beat ’em then Cheatham! A great interview with former Paris Illinois Tiger and Indiana State University Sycamore! Ron and I both lived in Cromwell Hall at ISU his freshmen year and he shares his story about his life and love of basketball! Even a hilarious story about possibly how cheap Larry Bird was, or him giving his younger brother a hard time! Thanks Ron for keeping the nostalgia alive! If you like our work please become a patron @Keepingthenostalgiaalive.podbean.com!

John Olsen and his life in Basketball, Loogootee, Indiana and Beyond!


Dr. John Olsen, seen in the front row 2nd to the right, while playing on the Freshmen team at Indiana University, Coach Bob Knights 1st year at IU. John shares his story about being a Manager during the 1969-1970 Loogootee Lion Final Four Season and then playing for Coach Butcher the following season. Not only did he play for the one time winningest Indiana high school basketball coach of all-time…Coach Jack Butcher, but he also was coached by the one time winningest college basketball Coach of all-time…Coach Bob Knight! Just an incredible story about his path to becoming a successful Psychologist for over 35 years. It’s what he learned on his path thru the game of basketball that has led to his success in life! This is Part 1 of a two part interview, we will discuss more about his passion today, about his book…”Just a Little Bitty Skinny Kid”, and that senior year at Loogootee high school in Part 2. Enjoy, if you’d like our work and would like to donate or advertise with us…please email us at Hoosierhysteria@yahoo.com or keepingthenostalgiaalive@yahoo.com Thank you for your support. Stay tuned on 11/13 for Part 2, follow us at keepingthenostalgiaalive.podbean.com 

Legend Bobby Plump and Graham Honaker discuss the ’54 Hoosiers Museum


Legend Bobby Plump of the 1954 Milan Indians and Milan ’54 Hoosier Museum board member Graham Honaker talk about the 65th reunion of  of the 1954 Milan State Championship and they also announce the establishment of the Roselyn McKittrick Endowment fund and campaign to preserve the future of the Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum. Those wishing to to make a gift, multi year pledge, or planned gift to the Roselyn McKittrick Endowment can do so by going to milan54.org or you can call Tom Kohlmeier at 317-409-5203. This is the #1 sports story in Indiana, be a part of it! We support both the Hoosier Gym and Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, lets back the ’54 Hoosier Museum and continue what Roselyn worked so hard to accomplish! they also have an amazing gift shop which you can also check out at Milan54.org —-

Baseball’s Greatest Hits


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An Interview with Coach Rudy Tomjanovich!


“Never underestimate the heart of a champion.” Coach Rudy Tomjanovich shares his story about his life, the game of basketball and beyond! Please support our sponsor Zumersport.com where they make 100’s of items made with the same EXACT materials as your favorite sports balls! You can also get your own logo on their products and they are adding different colleges and universities on a weekly basis! Use code KTNA for free shipping!

An Interview with Coach Eric Echelbarger of IU-Kokomo


26-8, NAIA Playoffs, and 19-0 at home, these are pretty amazing statistics for first year head coach Eric Echelbarger! Coach Echelbarger discusses growing up in Indiana, playing basketball for his Hall of Fame Father, Marty Echelbarger, his college playing days and his coaching career! Head coach Eric Echelbarger of the Indiana University Kokomo Cougars takes time out of his schedule to keep the nostalgia alive! Please support our sponsor Zumersport.com, where the make 100’s of items made from the EXACT same materials as your favorite sports balls! Use code KTNA and receive free shipping!